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The one in which I walk back the previous walk back

My coworker’s mother is in the process of losing her mind. His mother has dementia and while they knew it was coming, this sudden dip into the land of complete memory loss and paranoid hallucinations is a huge shock. Every day, he checks in with his father and returns to his desk with a new […]

The one in which I wax poetic about time

On Friday, I took off an hour from work and rode my bike furiously up to my kids’ elementary school so I could watch my youngest in his end-of-the-school-year class performance. He had practiced really hard for this event and even asked if he could wear a suit (?!) that morning, so he could be […]

The one where I recommend a book

I am reading Richard Powers’ The Overstory. It is one of those books I initially resisted because of all the accolades it has garnered but now that I am halfway through I can attest that they are well-deserved. It is a book about trees and the humans who exist beneath the trees. It is a […]

The one in which I mull sea creatures and smoking

Sitting on the steps that lead down to the sea, I watch the sea slaters scurry into rocky crevices each time the waves rise a few centimeters. When the danger is over, they return to the flat steps and approach my feet which I promptly stomp to make them disappear again. I smoke a rare […]