Sound library.

The cash machines closing at the mall, the recorded announcements from the different banks overlapping.
Testing out a drone in the teacher’s room at my work.
Flock of sparrows in the tree at dusk.
Buying katsu from the butcher on a Saturday morning near the station.
Refrigerator at Muji that sounds like a life support machine.
Third graders at the junior high school cultural festival singing.
The sound of gum leaves rattling on the branch, near a highway.
Getting coffee at the SevenEleven, by the register.
On the ferry back from Miyajima, watching women’s volleyball. Japan v. South Korea.
Petting the deer in Nara.
Bath time.
Thunder and profanity.
Cicadas, finally. Now it is summer.
Summer rain on my slightly rusted collapsible umbrella.
Waiting for the JR train to pass, young boy on the back of a bike across the tracks was making the same sound as the crossing signal.
Waves lapping against the rocks under the full Strawberry Moon.
I live in a baseball town. Heard on all shopping center PA systems during baseball season, the Hiroshima Carp rallying song.
At my eldest son’s sports festival, talking with my second son.
Swallows/tsubame feeding their chicks.
Standing in front of my apartment building’s lobby at 5 am.
On the tram, announcing the stop where I live.
Yakiimo truck, cruising our neighborhood on a cool mid-May evening, with a hinoki-burning stove in the back of his truck.
Green grocers and flower shop, buying strawberries and daisies.
Food court at a shopping center, working on my book.
The sounds of crossing guard duty.
Talking to students during a break from the school sports test.
Buying vegetables at the farmer’s market.
Walking in the woods on Miyajima, noon music playing on the PA.
Under the cherry blossoms at the seaside park by the highway.
Late lunch with Colette.